Sick of getting sick? 3 steps to build your immune system.

Winter is is your immune system?

So winter is definitely here, particularly if you live in the southern parts of Australia. For a lot of people, winter is a dreaded time of year, bringing with it coughs, cold, and flus. For some people this can mean trips to the doctors, and prescriptions for medications and even antibiotics. Want to do it differently this year? Well there are plenty of things you can do to avoid that handful of pills.

Build up your immune system.
When you think of your immune system, what comes to mind? Where is it in your body? In your blood, your skin? Well the answer is, everywhere. But what if I told you that the most vital part of your immune system, isn't actually you. 90% of the cells in your body are in fact, bacteria. Only 10% is you. You are technically a shell carrying around this ecosystem of bacteria that you absolutely cannot live without. Bit confronting? Well now you know you have all of these little buddies, it makes sense to keep them happy right? Our bodies work in a symbiotic relationship with our bacteria, and in fact every process that goes on in our body, relies on their help. One place that this bacteria do a lot of work for us is of course, in our guts. Did you know that is also where 85% of our immune system is? So I am sure you are seeing the connection that our immune system has with the health of our gut, and the health of our bacteria. So how do we improve the health of our gut and our bacteria? 

3 Steps to repair the gut and improve gut bacteria:

Bone broths/Grass-fed gelatine/Glutathione: 
The lining of your gut is your most precious protection from the outside world. Along with your gut bacteria, it rules the conversation that your food has with your body. The healthier your gut lining, the better it is able to monitor what goes through into your blood and protect your body from unwanted invaders. Bone broths are absolutely my number one on this list, grass-fed gelatine powder is an easier option (not quite as good) and glutathione is a vegetarian option (also not quite as good). What makes bone broth so amazing is that it contains the amino acids your gut lining needs to repair itself. The cells in your gut replace themselves every 2-3 days so you will see the amazing effects of this pretty quickly!

Coconut Oil/Olive leaf extract/Grapeseed Extract/Oregano Oil: The role of these guys is to help get the bad stuff out. These are a mixture of antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti viral, anti fungal substances that work on removing these critters from your system. I recommend mixing it up between a few of the things that I have listed there to get a broad coverage. An important note- go slow! Start with small amounts and slowly build up, as you may experience a detox effect from the die-off of bad bacteria. Slight headaches and lethargy ok, but if it is too intense you need to slow down. 

Probiotics and fermented foods: Probiotics and fermented foods are full of good bacteria, so you can ensure that you have enough good guys in there to keep the bad guy under control. Too many bad guys and our gut becomes a source of toxicity, lots of good guys and it is a source of nourishment. Bacteria play a role in digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and grabbing hold of toxins, bacteria, viruses and any other little invaders and marching them right on out of there, so we want plenty of these guys on our team! Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, yoghurt (homemade), kefir and kombucha are great ways to get these in your diet. Probiotics are a really important part in this process as well, most of us really need a good influx of bacteria and probiotics is the way to get it, and fermented foods the way to maintain it. 

So go forth now and begin your gut healing! If you feel that you have some pretty intense gut healing to do (IBS, Chrohns, Celiac, Auto-immune, allergies, autism etc.) then please get in touch and we can have a chat about what would be the best way for you to approach that. You can also comment below if you have any questions. 

In Health and Happiness,

Elyse x