Are you willing to feel good?

I am reading a book at the moment, "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks. You know within the first few pages when you have picked up one of those life changing books. Gay talks about our "Upper limit" of feeling good, that we all have this limit that we have subconsciously set, which will only allow us to feel a certain amount of good feeling for a certain period of time....and then we do something to sabotage it. This is how Gay described his own upper limit:

I have a limited tolerance for feeling good. When I hit my Upper Limit, I manufacture thoughts that make me feel bad. The problem is bigger then just my internal feelings, though: I seem to have a limited tolerance for my life going well in general. When I hit my Upper Limit, I do something that stops my positive forward trajectory. I get into a conflict with my ex-wife, get into a money bind, or do something else that brings me back down within the bounds of my limited tolerance. 

This, of course, made me think of my clients. On the most part, I seem to attract clients that are totally there and ready to "get shit done" and just need my support and guidance. That's not to say that they have any idea WHAT they need to do, they are just so open and willing to learn and grow- they are very "coachable".

But every now and then I get a client that has some great outcomes one minute....and then wants to run a mile the next, or I will get an enquiry from someone who is my ideal client and would clearly benefit from my program- they even say so themselves- and then they vanish, never to be heard from again. Yes- it is true that you need to be ready within yourself if you want to make sustainable changes.. but will that readiness ever come if you don't adjust your upper limit for feeling good? Are you prepared to feel good all the time? And for things to go well all the time? Are you prepared to have great outcomes? This I believe, is what holds so many people back from focussing on their health. You can easily become attached to how you feel- and changing it can seem way too hard. Stop selling yourself short. Raise that upper limit. Don't waste anymore time. Start doing SOMETHING to make yourself feel good! 

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