Cashew Meal Pastry

Having a great pastry recipe is such a game changer when it comes to no-grain eating. It is soooo nice to have things like sausage rolls and pies again! This recipe is completely inspired by Jo Whitton’s Almond Meal Pastry from Life Changing Foods cook book, which I have made so many times I don’t even need the recipe anymore! I discovered my love for baking with cashews when I started using them for muffins, the texture is so light and moist. So this is my take on pastry using delicious cashews, hope you like it!

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Meat Stock or Bone Broth...Which is Best for Healing?

Bone broth has been getting a lot of attention lately as the perfect food for gut healing, and whilst it is definitely beneficial, little known is that meat stocks are actually the most healing food for a damaged gut lining. Dr Natasha Campbell McBride (founder of the GAPS nutritional protocol) credits meat stocks with actually healing ulcerations in the gut lining, which is the root cause of many health issues.

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Understanding Histamines on GAPS

Approaching the GAPS protocol (or any gut healing protocol) with a histamine intolerance is something I am asked about often. Understanding the role histamine plays can be very confusing when it comes to deciding the right approach, but one thing is clear, GAPS and healing the gut is the way to resolve histamine issues. Histamine is a compound which is found in some foods, and is also made in our own bodies. Histamines play an important role in our immune function, digestion and our brain function. For some people, damage to the gut can decrease the bodies ability to break down histamines, and an unbalanced gut flora can result in an overgrowth of histamine producing bacteria, these are just some of the conditions that can lead to histamine intolerance.

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The importance of consuming QUALITY Cod Liver Oil


Wild, fresh and raw Cod Liver Oil. Why is it important to buy quality fish oil over $10 buckets of fish oil at the supermarket? Well...

  • Quality fish oils don't contain chemicals, solvents or use mechanical devices during the extraction if the oil.

  • It is completely unrefined and the total absence of heat (because heat damages the nutrient content)

  • The oil is from a source of wild caught fish containing no heavy metals and is free from synthetic nutrients

  • The ratio between omega 3 fats and omega 6 fats are balanced to suit the needs of the human body

What are the health benefits of Cod Liver Oil?

  • enhanced immunity

  • promotes healthy brain + nervous system function

  • regulates inflammation, blood pressure + blood clotting

  • helps regulate hormones

  • modifies gene expression

  • maintains strong healthy bones

  • improves quality of sleep

  • reduces pain + inflammation in aching joints and muscles

  • improves mental health performance

  • reduces high LDL and VLDL cholesterol

RECIPE: Easy homemade liver pate

Liver Pate is one of the easiest and delicious ways to get the abundance of nutrients found in organs meats, such as liver, into your diet. It is FULL of essential fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals that nourish the body, particularly the Brain and the Gut…

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Resolving Constipation `

For anyone that has experienced constipation, it really is not fun! Constipation is a very common complaint for people with digestive issues. When the digestive system is damaged and not functioning optimally, there are various reasons why constipation may occur. The stool is one of the ways in which our body eliminates toxins, so when we are constipated we are leaving this toxicity sitting in the colon where it can be reabsorbed, and the stool will begin to rot. It is vital to have the bowels moving AT LEAST every 36 hour to help keep this toxicity moving out of the body. It is alway best to resolve constipation on Full GAPS before starting the intro diet if constipation is an ongoing issue. Ultimately, nutrient density, healing foods and probiotics will resolve the long term issue of constipation, and in the meantime there are plenty of tips and tricks for short term relief.

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RECIPE: Vegetable Juice PULP (Carrot + Ginger) Loaf


Did you know that the pulp is where all the fibre is?! And it is this vegetable fibre that our Gut Bacteria (microbiome) LOVE to feed on. They break down this fibrous plant matter and turn it into essential nutrients that our body can use and benefit from. 

So why not add this pulp to your baking and make a sweet or savoury loaf OR muffins. I love to juice carrots because they are extremely beneficial in helping detox within the liver, and lately I have been juicing a lot more ginger than normal. So with my left over carrot and ginger pulp, I decided to do some Sunday baking and make this Carrot and Ginger Loaf. I love to have it with a spread of ghee or grass-fed butter, or even with homemade fermented coconut or dairy yoghurt

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Underrated Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil is a great way to support the bodies Magnesium needs. It plays major roles in proper metabolism, bone health, sleep and the nervous system, and so much more. It is an essential micronutrient as it is needed to support over hundred of enzymatic reactions within the body. Magnesium helps…

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Mum's Turmeric and Paprika Lamb Shanks

I absolutely love staying with my parents, not only because I get to spend time with them….but also because I get a relied from parenting (!!) and cooking. I am SO lucky because my parents do actually eat the same way that we do, so I never have to worry about what is for dinner, or what Dylan would be fed. I don’t take this for granted as I know how tough some families have it when dealing with other family members and what is given to their kids, let alone the comments and concerns that are voiced as well. So for those who a going through that, at least they will see the outcomes of healing for you, which makes it easier to show that you are on the right track. Often family members will start asking you what you are doing and why you are looking so good, which is very rewarding! This lamb shank recipe is a regular one at Mum’s, and it is so tasty and nourishing!

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Salty Choc Peanut Butter Fudge Cake

It was my Mumma’s birthday last weekend but we didn’t get to see her until yesterday... and so I made up her own special cake for her birthday last night and it is d-e-lightful. My Mum is a very special lady, she is one of those Mum’s that is just there no matter what, from spending hours in my tweens waiting for me to pick out a bra (I was veeeery painful to take bra shopping!), to racing around to every shop in a town in Germany because we were going out that night and I had NOTHING to wear... to holding my hand and never leaving my side while I gave birth to my son Dylan. Love you Mumma!

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Epic GAPS/Paleo Pizza Base

I have tried many a pizza base in my time (including Pizza Huts thin and crispy way back in the day!!) and I have to say this is literally my favourite. Since jumping on the grain-free bandwagon, I have tried the cauliflower base, the meatza, and I really think pizza isn’t a pizza without a bit of crunch in that base! This recipe is really versatile too, you can just make the base, cook it longer on a lower temp and voila you have crackers! I love the flaxseeds in this recipe, they give a nicer texture then just the nuts alone, but if you are on intro GAPS you can replace the flaxseeds with more nuts and then this recipe can be enjoyed from stage 4 :)

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Mango Weiss Soft Serve

You may have heard me before talking about how densely nutritious egg yolks are, and how I LOVE them for adrenal support. Egg yolks are packed with our fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, plus other nutrients like calcium, zinc, B12, folate, biotin and choline. This makes yolks not just great for your adrenals (the choline reduces the stress hormone cortisol), but also for brain function, liver health, immune function, skin health…the list goes on!

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Whiten your teeth with this QUICK + EASY Activated Charcoal Toothpaste recipe

Activated charcoal is a powerful natural detoxifier that promotes an array of health benefits, in particular a healthy digestive tract. It is made from coconut shells or other natural sources, that is used to trap toxins and chemicals within the body. Exposure to toxins, such as pesticides, mercury, fertiliser, bleach, etc… can cause stress in the body in the form of allergic reactions, oxidative damage and poor immune system function. Activated charcoal works by binding to these toxins, allowing for quicker elimination and prevent the body from reabsorbing them. By removing toxins from your body, you can reduce joint pain, increase energy, promote proper metabolism and healthy liver function, as well as increase mental function.

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Leaky Gut, GAPS and Where to Start?!

Welcome to the GAPS Sessions. 

Let us introduce to you the GAPS Sessions. The GAPS Protocol with all of its success, can at times be incredible overwhelming. In this first ever workshop series, Elyse Comerford will break down the most important points into 6 LIVE sessions (with recordings available for those who can't make it live)…

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Optimise and Support Detoxification (ft. BLANTs)

Detoxing has become almost as trendy as a good wanky coffee (give me a turmeric latte any day!). But what is all the hot goss about detox? How can we optimise our detox processes to feel clean on the inside AND out?!…

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