RECIPE: Vegetable Juice PULP (Carrot + Ginger) Loaf


Did you know that the pulp is where all the fibre is?! And it is this vegetable fibre that our Gut Bacteria (microbiome) LOVE to feed on. They break down this fibrous plant matter and turn it into essential nutrients that our body can use and benefit from. 

So why not add this pulp to your baking and make a sweet or savoury loaf OR muffins. I love to juice carrots because they are extremely beneficial in helping detox within the liver, and lately I have been juicing a lot more ginger than normal. So with my left over carrot and ginger pulp, I decided to do some Sunday baking and make this Carrot and Ginger Loaf. I love to have it with a spread of ghee or grass-fed butter, or even with homemade fermented coconut or dairy yoghurt

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Salty Choc Peanut Butter Fudge Cake

It was my Mumma’s birthday last weekend but we didn’t get to see her until yesterday... and so I made up her own special cake for her birthday last night and it is d-e-lightful. My Mum is a very special lady, she is one of those Mum’s that is just there no matter what, from spending hours in my tweens waiting for me to pick out a bra (I was veeeery painful to take bra shopping!), to racing around to every shop in a town in Germany because we were going out that night and I had NOTHING to wear... to holding my hand and never leaving my side while I gave birth to my son Dylan. Love you Mumma!

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Mango Weiss Soft Serve

You may have heard me before talking about how densely nutritious egg yolks are, and how I LOVE them for adrenal support. Egg yolks are packed with our fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, plus other nutrients like calcium, zinc, B12, folate, biotin and choline. This makes yolks not just great for your adrenals (the choline reduces the stress hormone cortisol), but also for brain function, liver health, immune function, skin health…the list goes on!

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