Resolving Constipation `

For anyone that has experienced constipation, it really is not fun! Constipation is a very common complaint for people with digestive issues. When the digestive system is damaged and not functioning optimally, there are various reasons why constipation may occur. The stool is one of the ways in which our body eliminates toxins, so when we are constipated we are leaving this toxicity sitting in the colon where it can be reabsorbed, and the stool will begin to rot. It is vital to have the bowels moving AT LEAST every 36 hour to help keep this toxicity moving out of the body. It is alway best to resolve constipation on Full GAPS before starting the intro diet if constipation is an ongoing issue. Ultimately, nutrient density, healing foods and probiotics will resolve the long term issue of constipation, and in the meantime there are plenty of tips and tricks for short term relief.

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